As stated at the official website, Mekorama, created by Martin Magni, is a mobile puzzle game where you help a tiny robot stumble along. The game has levels stored as level cards containing a QR code that can be scanned and played. A new level can also be designed in the app and exported to be shared anywhere just like a regular image.

This project began with a challenge in the fan-based forum mekoramaforum.com. The challenge essentially was to see if the QR code of a level could be reverse-engineered. We found success! Once hacked, it was possible to explore a level from the perspective of its data and even find out how to manipulate it. What has been created here is a toolkit to safely and easily modify the underlying data of a level.

The ultimate project was to create a level modeling and editing tool in a 3D viewer. The first release came out for Christmas 2016 with video support (as a gift to moderators of the forum). Since then, a bunch of additions and improvements have been made. After further development and vigorous testing, it is now available to everyone. This doesn't mean that everything is perfect, but many people who have been asking for it have waited for too long. Thus we hope everyone will be satisfied. Enjoy!

Please note that the 3D Builder is only usable from a desktop computer (PC or MAC) as it needs a mouse and a keyboard to operate most of the features.

Tools to explore

Top levels

Every month statistics are generated to determine top levels and presented on the forum in order to rank and highlight levels. Now you can calculate your very own rankings based on customizable time periods.


It is currently possible to customize your level in an easy way. Simply upload your card, make your choice among the options, and generate the new QR code in order to scan it with your Mekorama application.

3D Builder

Since having reverse-engineered the QR code, it is now possible to model the objects and blocks in a 3D environment. Enjoy creating and modify a level in a brand new way...

Before the build...